ORDERING DETAILS  - Wholesale to the Trade Only

We grow premium perennials and grasses and this takes time, planning and patience. We do our best to have what you want and when you want it! There are, however, many factors that influence what is available at any given time so the information below lets you know what is currently available, and what is still growing and soon to be ready to ship at it's peak. But, growing plants don't care about the electronic age so sometimes things aren't ready exactly as planned.

Order through your favorite GET Group broker or, anytime online via ePicas

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Our sales and customer service team is available at 815-932-1023 or send an email to sales@getgroupinc.com

* ePicas is a service that enables you to view LIVE availability on our website and place orders at any time

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Important Information

Order Cut Off: Tuesday NOON (CST) the week prior to ship date.

Order Changes: Tuesday NOON (CST) the week prior to ship date.

Minimum Order: A $15 charge will be added to orders that don't meet our four-tray

minimum (32s and/or 72s).

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation of any order must be made at least three weeks

prior to ship date.

Dormancy Disclaimer: Orders shipped December through April may be dormant.

Please understand dormant plants have minimal or no top growth, but we assure

roots are established. Please inspect upon unpacking your order.

Vernalization: We vernalize our plants to encourage first year blooms.


Medium-sized orders are shipped via common carrier on wooden racks. Smaller

orders are shipped using UPS or FedEx by air/ground freight in flat-fitting cardboard

boxes with protective inserts and netting, up to 4 flats per box.

Wooden Racks

- Wooden racks used for long distance


- Racks hold up to 72 trays (32s or 72s)

- A minimum of 32 trays is required

32 Trays and 72 Trays

- 10" x 20" tray

- Container Sizes (Diameter x Depth)

72 cells: 1.52" x 2.25"

32 cells: 2.6" x 3.44"

Picture tags are optional for an additional charge. Tags are shipped with plants and

located in the bottom of the box, under plants. Tags for the 2023-2024 season are

$0.20 each.

Per the Illinois Department of Agriculture, orders shipping into the following states

and countries require phytosanitary inspection/certificates:

- Alabama - Montana - Oregon - Canada

- Arizona - Nevada - Utah

- California - New Mexico - Washington

- Idaho (10 day quarantine required)

Additional fees apply.

For freight estimate purposes:

32 cell flat can weigh up to approximately 10#

72 cell flat can weigh up to approximately 5#

The box and inserts alone weigh approximately 5.5#

Terms and Conditions

Prices:  Prices on the Availability cancel all previous prices and are subject to change without notice.

Payment:  Payment should accompany your order until you have established an account with us.  Contact our office for a credit application.  We do accept credit cards.

Non-Warranty:  GET Group, Inc. will exercise due care to have all plants true to name.  Nevertheless, we give no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the variety or productivity of the nursery stock we sell.  Liability, in all instances, is limited to the purchase price.  No liability is assumed by the seller for any delay or failure cause by wars, strikes, floods, droughts, embargoes, or any other contingencies beyond the seller's control.

Claims:  We do our best to double check orders before they leave our nursery, but sometimes errors could occur. All claims regarding shortages, damaged plants, etc., should be made immediately upon receipt of plants.

Order Cancellations:  There will be a 25% restocking charge for all orders canceled after the orders have been processed and are ready to be shipped or picked up.  Also, orders which are returned or refused may also be subject to a restocking fee, unless it is an error on our part.