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Quality perennials grown in 32 and 72 cell plugs in our state of the art facilities to assure your growing success.  Shipped year round via our fleet of rail gate equipped, temperature controlled trucks.  (smaller orders shipped by air/ground freight)

Late blooming, daisy-like, pink flower with a yellow center.

One-of-a-kind Dianthus with variegated foliage and a hot pink bloom!

Intense fragrance, single white flowers fading to lavender-pink.

Tidy mounds of bluish foliage with florescent pink flowers.

Fringed, double, lavender flowers with a cherry eye.

Very floriferous with soft purple blooms.

Scarlet-red petals with two pale pink blotches.

Sunset-pink flowers with a maroon eye.

Vibrant red, double, fragrant blooms over a mat of aqua-blue foliage.

Crimson blooms atop ground-hugging mat of rich green foliage.

Small rose-red flowers with dark green foliage.

Deep blue-green foliage with magenta-pink blooms.

Masses of tiny rose-pink flowers blanket the plant in spring.

Dark burgundy, almost black, flowers with lacy white edges.

Rose-red, heart-shaped blooms for and extended period.

A true perennial variety with yellow flowers.

Lovely perennial, unique strawberry pink blooms with a bronze sheen.

Horizontal facing lavender flowers with purple spotted throats.

Horizontal facing pastel rose flowers with purple spotted throats.

Old-fashioned, mixed colors, noted for its ability to produce flowers the first year.