GET Group, Inc. built a cutting edge gutter-connected greenhouse to accommodate our production of liners. We now ship year round to customers across the United States and into Canada.

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Featured Products
Bright yellow blooms on this tasty variety.
Needle-like foliage with a late blooming purple flower.

Thick, silvery, heart-shaped leaves with dark green veining.
Compact variety with creamy white flowers and attractive green foliage.

Attractive blue-green foliage with dark violet purple flowers in late spring.
Foliage resembling a spruce tree, with yellow blooms.

Blue-green succulent leaves with mahogany, pointed tips.
Violet-blue, bell-shaped blooms atop this compact and tidy plant.

Intense violet purple sepals. Attractive foliage with great fall color.
Less aggressive, mild mannered variety with soft pink flowers.