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Showy, with a wide white band down the center of each blade.

Narrow, green leaves with bright gold center.

Cool season, clumping grass with burgundy flowers.

Green blades with a white edge, a nice compact form.

Warm season clumper, green foliage with plumes that age to wheat.

A mound of tiny, light blue flowers and pleasant scent. Very reliable.

Bushy mound with larger white flowers than species. Fragrant.

Very floriferous and hardy variety with grape-purple blooms.

Compact, heavy bloomer with large, bell-shaped flowers.

Lavender-blue flowers with a long bloom period.

Pure white flowers with a long bloom period.

Sky blue flowers on strong stems with emerald green foliage.

Rich purple flowers, great as a cut flower.

Lovely tall spires of china blue flower in early summer.

Lilac-blue spring flowers with a great spreading habit.

Upright growing sedge with golden, arching leaves.

Relaxed, arching habit with thin, variegated leaves of green and gold.

Stiff, broad, variegated leaves of green with white edges.

A native, cool-season, low-growing, colony-forming sedge commonly found in open meadows and forests. Bright green foliage is long, 4 to 18", narrow and fine with stems approximately the same height.

This woody sub-shrub blooms late with intense blue flower clusters.Gray-green foliage contrasts complimentary with the flowers that attract butterflies.