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Lush, deep green ground cover with single white, tiny flowers.

Yellowish-green ground cover. Glowing moss.

Bright blue,re-blooming flowers on this dwarf variety. Blooms are an attractive contrast to the gray-green foliage.

Dark fuchsia flowers with dark green foliage on this compact variety. Long blooming, reliable, heat and drought tolerant and low maintenance. Great cut flowers for a bouquet.

Dark purple stems and deep indigo-purple flowers.

Violet-purple blooms, smaller leaves than 'May Night'.

Deep violet-blue blooms on this popular plant.

The largest flowers of any rose-colored Salvia nemorosa. Short stature makes this a great border plant.

Dwarf variety, lavender-pink flowers.

Spikes of soft white blooms accented by fragrant, gray-green foliage.

Dense, vibrant purple flower spikes with gray-green, basal-leaved foliage.

Well-branched and robust with clean white blooms. Heat tolerant and very reliable.

Large, two-toned, light pink and purple flowers on tall spikes.

Tall, stately spikes of dark violet over typical foliage.

Strong basal branching produces dozens of rose-colored spikes per plant.

Stays compact even after repeated flowering of vibrant violet blooms.

Early blooming white flower spikes on compact plant frames.