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Clumper with green foliage overlaid with silver. Yellow flowers.

Spreader with green foliage overlaid with silver. Yellow blooms.

Dark and pale green, chartreuse and silver foliage. Mauve-lavender flowers.

Yellow to chartreuse foliage with white center. Lavender flowers.

Silver leaves with slight green margins on a larger plant than the species, purple flowers.

Silver edged, dark green leaves with pale pink flowers.

Large, snapdragon-shaped purple flowers with variegated foliage.

Heart-shaped leaves of silver edged in dark green and white flowers.

Fringed, semi-double white petals with a gold center.

Sturdy stemmed daisy with single white flowers and a gold center.

3", double white flowers with a creamy-yellow center.

Double, white flowers with frilled, creamy-yellow center.

Very narrow, white petals that curl around the small yellow center.

Compact and tidy, single white flowers with yellow centers.

Long bloomer with multiple, single daisies per stem.

Metallic-blue, sword-like foliage.

Deep green, evergreen, strap-like blades with lilac blooms.

Narrow, green foliage with silvery-white margins.

Scarlet-red flowers over purple-bronze foliage.

Dwarf, hybrid, breathtaking flowers in a mix of amazing shades.