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Unusual, fragrant, orchid-like wine-red and white flowers.

Fine textured, shorter variegated variety. Burgundy plumes fading to white.

Fine textured, vase shaped Maiden Grass. Bronze plumes changing to white.

Improved, shorter Zebra Grass. Green with gold band on leaves.

Shorter, fine textured grass with burgundy blooms turning to silver.

Early blooms emerge bronze, changing to silvery-white. Green foliage changes to an awesome fall color.

Beautiful, silvery flower plumes that glisten in the late season garden.

Arching habit and wide, variegated foliage. Bronze blooms change to white.

Blades emerge green, horizontal banding appears as the season progresses.

Upright clumps with a slight arching habit.

Deciduous tufted grass with dark purple spikes.

Variegated, warm season grass that does well in light shade.

Decorative, warm season grass with tall, stiff flower stems.

Persistent dark red-brown bracts beneath wine-red flowers.

Pale pink blooms atop purple tinted stems.

Violet flowers over blue-tinted,mildew resistant foliage.

Hot pink flowers with coral overtones and fragrant foliage.

Wine-red flowers are hot! Dark green, fragrant foliage.

Rich, red blooms with aromatic foliage.

Mildew resistant with bright pink blooms.