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Silvery foliage with yellow flowers, uniform habit.

Wide range of pastel shades with dark green foliage.

Red-orange flowers with yellow centers and dark green foliage.

Lovely pink flowers with fine foliage.

One of the best red blooms with dark green foliage.

Upright rosy-pink flowers. Easy to grow. Attracts butterflies.

Salmon pink flowers that age to a rusty terracotta-orange with gray-green foliage.

Decorative, yet aggressive, a problem solver ground cover for difficult locations.

Long blooming, smoky-violet flowers with green foliage.

Deep blue-purple flowers with scented foliage.

Deep-purple blooms are very long lasting.

Bright gold leaves with long blooming blue blooms.

Glossy, very dark purple foliage with deep blue flowers.

Reliable and colorful tri-colored groundcover. Green, white and burgundy leaves with lilac-blue spring blooms. Easy to grow, even where others plants are not happy.

Spreading, chocolate-purple leaves with lavender-blue blooms.

A striking range of party colors foliage topped with a blue bloom.

Bubble-gum colored blooms above textured, mint green foliage with creamy white edges.

Large, double, cream flowers with a raspberry-red eye zone and yellow throat.

A wonderful mix of bloom colors from white to pink to wine-red.

Pale green, velvety, scalloped foliage with chartreuse flowers.