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Stiff, steel blue-green foliage with a strong vertical habit. Burgundy bloom.

Broader leaved Panicum that provides very vertical lines.

Blue-green, tall and attractive Switchgrass with pinkish-brown bloom.

Shorter growing Panicum with red highlights and tips that hold their color.

Orange-red flowers with inner black blotches.

Orange-scarlet blooms with a black eye add an exotic feeling to any sunny area. Hairy foliage emerges early in the spring and quickly reaches maturity.

Large,orange, fringed flowers with black spots.

Salmon-pink blooms with a dark center and dark green foliage.

Pure white flowers with shiny, black-maroon centers.

Graceful clumper with tall flower spikes in summer.

Fine, green leaves with red highlights age to blazing red.

Bright green foliage with tan, bottle-brush blooms.

Shorter variety with bright green foliage and tan bottle-brush blooms.

Finely textured, green foliage with wheat colored plumes.

Earlier blooming Red Fountain Grass with large, deep purple heads.

Dark green foliage with large, rich pink plumes in early summer.

Maroon foliage and flowers for a wonderful accent plant in a container or garden.

Big, bell-shaped, cherry-red flowers with white throats on this superior performer. Makes a dramatic display when planted in a mass. Heat tolerant.

Tubular, lavender flowers with glossy, green foliage.

Bright blue, bell-shaped flowers with white throats on this compact Beardtongue. Great as a border plant. Deer and rabbit resistant. Tolerates heat and drought.