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Long-lived plant with smoky purple flowers with a purple eye.

Attractive blue-green foliage with dark violet purple flowers in late spring.

Pleasing lemon-yellow blooms on this unique Baptisia.

Indigo blue flowers followed by decorative black seed heads. 2010 PERENNIAL PLANT OF THE YEAR!

GET Group Introduction~ Unique color, compact and rounded habit and uniform bloom height.

Uniform,rounded habit,very dense with butter-yellow blooms.

Unusual chocolate-purple and lemon-yellow flowers.

Glossy, dark green, heart-shaped leaves with an early rose-pink bloom.

'Winterglut' gives a wonderful textural difference to a lightly shaded garden. This is an early bloomer with fall foliage color!

Long-lived, green foliage with sprays of small blue flowers.

Silvery foliage with green veins and tiny sky-blue flowers.

Green foliage with creamy white edges, tiny sky blue flowers.

Thick, silvery, heart-shaped leaves with dark green veining.

Bicolor bloom above silvery-gray foliage.

Deep purple flowers with willowy, gray-green foliage.

Stunning yellow foliage with intense, dark purple terminal flower clusters.

Deep pink flowers with willowy, gray-green foliage.

Wine-red flowers with willowy, gray-green foliage.

Silvery foliage compliments the deep rosy pink blooms in summer. Very full and bushy habit.

White flowers with willowy, gray-green foliage.