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2-3 rows of bright yellow petals surround a honey-yellow center.

Red, orange and yellow washed petals surround a large brown center cone.

Big, bold and gold! This False Sunflower is truly dreamy!

Clump-forming selection, blue leaves with disease resistance.

Golden yellow flowers bloom most of the summer.

Vigorous hybrid with numerous creamy-white flowers held above the dark green foliage.

Fully double flower with double bloom time!

Why choose a color... variety is the spice of life!

Bright yellow petals with contrasting orange centers.

Extraordinary cream colored bloom with strawberry-colored flecks.

Large,soft blush pink, pink & white striped and darker pink blooms.

Large double, frilly flowers of plum purple with wide picotee edges of lighter pink.

Near black, glossy, rounded leaves with creamy white blooms.

This variety is as much fun as a circus. Wild colors that dazzle and entertain the eye.

Purple foliage with a silver sheen, develops red edge.

Deep purple-bronze, curly foliage.

Bright green leaves with heavy white spotting and deep red blooms.

Plum-purple foliage with silver veining and white blooms.

Tough as steel! Celery-green leaves with purple undersides. Creamy white blooms.

Ruffled foliage of purple-bronze with silver, lavender, pewter and charcoal overlays.