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Quality perennials grown in 32 and 72 cell plugs in our state of the art facilities to assure your growing success.  Shipped year round via our fleet of rail gate equipped, temperature controlled trucks.  (smaller orders shipped by air/ground freight)

Intense, carmine-lavender petals emerge from the cone in a flat plane.

Large, fragrant pure-white flowers with a green cone.

White Coneflower,variety of our native species.

Red blooms with a yellow outer edge and interesting foliage.

Bright yellows blooms with dark green, heart-shaped foliage.

Pure white flowers bloom in spring.

Lavender-pink flowers bloom in spring.

Dwarf variety with sprays of wine-red flowers.

Dark, chocolate-brown foliage with small white flowers.

Compact, dark foliage with yellow blooms.

Olive-green to blue foliage with red tips in winter.

A short, tidy plant with greenish-yellow flowers.

Showy yellow bracts over blue-green foliage.

Bright yellow bracts in spring and beautiful yellow, orange and red color.

Upright, clump-forming perennial with creamy white flowers in early to mid summer.

Double yellow flowers with a red throat, mounding form.

Trumpet-shaped, scarlet petals with bright yellow tips.

Unusual, peachy-orange flower with yellow tips.

Dwarf variety with maroon flowers and yellow tipped petals.

Pure white flowers and foliage are fragrant.