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Midsummer blooms of bell-shaped, bright pink flowers. Heat and drought tolerant. This compact size makes is an excellent choice for a border plant.

IMPROVED Selection found at GET Group & Hoffie Nursery. Bronze-purple foliage with white, tubular, pink tinged flowers.

Deep, dark burgundy foliage with lavender blooms.

Lavender-blue flowers with silver, aromatic foliage.

Airy, lavender-blue flowers with finely-cut, silver foliage.

Burgundy foliage with mint and silver chevrons and white flowers.

Green foliage marked with burgundy, yellow, white and pink. Red flowers.

Very long blooming, brightly colored variety.

Blooms that open white to light pink and darken in time. Multiple shades happen simultaneously, giving it a magical appearance.

Long-blooming, low-growing hybrid cross variety with vibrant violet blooms in spring and a rebloom in fall. Tumbles beautifully over rocks, slopes and banks. Makes a gorgeous border edging, or as a groundcover or in a rock garden.

Dark blue, fragrant flowers with very full flower petals.

Mildew resistant foliage, white and hot pink striped flower petals.

Mildew resistant variety sporting electrifying lavender-blue blooms in late summer.

Soft pink flowers with a red eye.

Pure white blooms over mildew resistant foliage.

Highly mildew resistant with white flowers.

Huge lilac blooms on mildew resistant plants.

Soft lilac flowers with a white eye.

Compact stems hold dense heads of rose-red, fragrant blooms.

Mildew resistant, lilac-blue flowers with a white eye.