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Large purple blooms with a white center.

Deep magenta flowers with good mildew resistance.

Long bloomer with coral-orange flowers.

Cherry-red flowers with a long bloom time.

Vibrant pink blooms cover this plant from spring to summer. Very reliable.

Mild, sweet fragrance and soft blue flowers.

Shade tolerant, lavender-pink flowers.

Attractive woodland ground cover with deep lavender flowers.

Needle-like foliage, white and hot pink striped flowers.

Needle-like foliage, lavender-blue flowers.

Needle-like foliage, deep pink flowers.

Needle-like foliage, bright pink flowers with a scarlet eye.

Needle-like foliage, white flowers.

Shorter, less aggressive variety with white flowers.

Less aggressive, mild mannered variety with soft pink flowers.

White variegation on green foliage that is tinted pink in cool weather. Rose-pink flowers.

Popular, dwarf variety covered with blue blooms in summer.

Dark stems with blue flowers and a light center.

Shorter, clump-forming mound with bright blue, spring flowers.