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Quality perennials grown in 32 and 72 cell plugs in our state of the art facilities to assure your growing success.  Shipped year round via our fleet of rail gate equipped, temperature controlled trucks.  (smaller orders shipped by air/ground freight)

Dark green foliage with pink variegation that ages to added white. Great color combination.

Fuzzy, leathery leaves with bright red-purple blooms on this very compact variety. Foliage remains attractive throughout the summer months.

The purple flower set against the foliage creates a very interesting color combination.

Chartreuse foliage with deep violet blooms.

White flowers heavily spotted with dark purple and dark green foliage.

Deep green leaves are edged in yellow with white flowers spotted in dark pink.

Creamy yellow (white cheddar) blooms with deeply cut foliage.

Lavender, cream and dusty rose blooms rise above textured, compact foliage.

Compact variety that forms low rosettes of foliage and spikes of airy purple flowers.

Needle-like foliage with a late blooming purple flower.

A very well-branched, shorter variety that can really handle the heat and tolerate dry soil. Fine foliage with butterfly-attracting purple flowers in late summer. Great texture and color for the late season garden.

Dwarf, spreader with clear pink flowers.

Electric blue blooms with a white center on this mat-forming variety.

Nice spreader with small, sky-blue blooms.

Low growing variety with gentian-blue flowers.

Compact, floriferous variety with uniform pale pink blooms. Green foliage performs well.

Shorter variety with deep rose flowers.

Long bloomer of deep, dark blue spikes and dark green foliage.

Burgundy stems with luminescent-pink hued, lavender flowers.

Adaptable, dependable, evergreen ground cover with yellow flowers.