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Quality perennials grown in 32 and 72 cell plugs in our state of the art facilities to assure your growing success.  Shipped year round via our fleet of rail gate equipped, temperature controlled trucks.  (smaller orders shipped by air/ground freight)

Pure white flowers with a long bloom period.

Sky blue flowers on strong stems with emerald green foliage.

Violet-blue, bell-shaped blooms atop this compact and tidy plant.

Pure white, bell-shaped blooms on this compact, tidy plant.

Rich purple flowers, great as a cut flower.

Lovely tall spires of china blue flower in early summer.

Lilac-blue spring flowers with a great spreading habit.

This woody sub-shrub blooms late with intense blue flower clusters.Gray-green foliage contrasts complimentary with the flowers that attract butterflies.

Violet-blue terminal panicles with silvery-green foliage.

Small violet-blue flowers with variegated foliage.

Decorative, gray, woolly, semi-evergreen foliage with white blooms.

Dark, glossy green foliage that ages to red with an electric-blue bloom.

Rose-pink turtlehead flowers on lustrous, deep-green foliage.

This hardy mum is very striking! Light up the fall color with 'Matchsticks'.

Floriferous variety with fluted golden-yellow flowers.

Orange flowers that fade to salmon.

Golden-yellow flowers with a rusty-red inner circle.

Bright orange-yellow blooms with dark green, oval, evergreen foliage.

Yellow petals with a dominant deep red eye. Continuous bloom.

Canary-yellow blooms on sturdy, well-branched plants.