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Quality grasses grown in 32 and 72 cell plugs in our state of the art facilities to assure your growing success.  Shipped year round via our fleet of rail gate equipped, temperature controlled trucks.  (smaller orders shipped by air/ground freight)

The name says it all, foliage ages from deep green with burgundy tips in spring to firey red stems and leaves by October. Frost encourages the intense color. Red-tinged blooms in fall for additional texture and color. Great winter interest as well.

Showy, with a wide white band down the center of each blade.

Narrow, green leaves with bright gold center.

Cool season, clumping grass with burgundy flowers.

Green blades with a white edge, a nice compact form.

Warm season clumper, green foliage with plumes that age to wheat.

Upright growing sedge with golden, arching leaves.

Relaxed, arching habit with thin, variegated leaves of green and gold.

Stiff, broad, variegated leaves of green with white edges.

A native, cool-season, low-growing, colony-forming sedge commonly found in open meadows and forests. Bright green foliage is long, 4 to 18", narrow and fine with stems approximately the same height.

Dense tufts of foliage followed by billowy cloud-like plumes.

Clouds of tiny pink seed heads float over foliage. Green blades age to bronze-red.

Silvery blue foliage with improved heat tolerance. Blooms reach 18” in summer. Adds a wonderfully fine texture to the garden. Prefers well drained soil.

Clump-forming, salt tolerant, cool season grass with bluish-white blooms.

Clump-forming selection, blue leaves with disease resistance.

A tidy, well mounded Candytuft with uniform white blooms in early spring. Frost tolerant.

Warm season grass with vibrant red tinged foliage.

Metallic-blue, sword-like foliage.

Fine textured, shorter variegated variety. Burgundy plumes fading to white.

Fine textured, vase shaped Maiden Grass. Bronze plumes changing to white.